Peter Byrne – History

More than 40 years of buying and selling rare and unusual classic cars.

The pictures are of a Bentley Speed Six replica commissioned in 1999. The Rolls-Royce Phantom I has a replica Barker open tourer body by Horsfield. In a previous incarnation it was the armoured car in the film Lawrence of Arabia. It is now in the Rolls Royce museum in Dornbirn Austria

Bentley Speed Six Replica Jonhard Donington Bentley Mark V1 Special Rolls–Royce Phantom I ex Lawrence of Arabia

The superb red Jonhard Donington Bentley Mark V1 Special with a V8 S2 engine, now in Japan, came from Elton John’s collection, as did the midnight blue Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud III saloon ‘Daisy’ which was sold by Christies in 2001 for a world record price of nearly £90,000. I bought it in 2004 and subsequently resold it. As for the silver C-type Jaguar Proteus aluminium car well that is one I wish I’d kept.

Bentley Fastback C Type Jaguar Proteus Ferrari 250 GTO by Favre

The silver and blue Bentley, a car that I have owned twice is now in Italy. It is a Mark V1 fastback by Mulliner and was the first fastback made and the precursor to the R type and S1 fastbacks or slipper backs as the were originally known. The main picture is of a Ferrari 250 GTO one of Favre’s last cars and sold by me. The shell grey Bentley fastback is a car I sold a couple of years ago. The picture was taken on the Dutch/Belgian border and is one of my all time favourite photos. The first fastback I sold was in 1986 and it made £10,550. Ten years earlier I was selling Ferrari Dino 246 GTs for £3,000. They were never easy sellers then because people thought they were too expensive! The Bentley S1 Continental Park Ward drop head I sold in 1995 and has since tripled in value. It is now in the Geneva Motor Museum.